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Team Member

Odysseas Paisios

Founder & General Manager

I’m Odysseas and I am one of the founders and owners of Greek Fashion Room. I am from Nafpaktos and I have studied Civil Engineering at the University of Patras. Even though I actively practice the civil engineer’s profession since 2008, it didn’t stop me from becoming involved in something else that always aroused my interest since my school age and that was fashion. Therefore, in the spring of 2014, along with my partner and friend since childhood Triantafillos, we decided to open Greek Fashion Room in the Old Town of Rhodes.

Team Member

Rea Kremmyda

Sales Director

My name is Rea and I come from beautiful Nafpaktos. I have studied Greek Philology at the University of Patras and I have worked as a teacher in a public school, but since 2012 I have been working at Odysseas and Triantafillos’s company. When they shared with me their idea about Greek Fashion Room, I got very excited. It’s not common to turn a hobby into work, but it has become a reality for me.

Team Member

Triantafillos Korobelis

Founder & Sales Operation Manager

I am Triantafillos and I was born at the beginning of the 80’s. I am from Nafpaktos and I studied Geology at the University of Patras. After completing my studies, I became active in the field of business with my partner and childhood friend, Odysseas. In 2014 we were discussing potential new fields to expand our company and our mutual interest in fashion and love for clothing led us to the creation of Greek Fashion Room.

Team Member

Loukianos Damorakis

Marketing & Graphics Director

My name is Loukianos